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Ricinus communis .L

Ricinus communis .L.
Botanical name:Ricinus communis .L.
Local name:Arandi
Sindhi name:Arandi
English name:Castor beans
Part used:Seeds
Ethanobotanic Data:
It is given in hot milk to induce labour pain.
It is applied intra-vaginally for opening of uterus mouth at the time of delivery.
It is used for expulsion of plasma membrane after delivery.
Castor beans are used to lowers the size of abdomen after birth.
Scientific Data:
It is used in making contraceptive jellies and creams
Castor oil message over breast after child birth increases the flow of milk by stimulating milk producing glands.
When it is given with pinch of alum act as safe and handy contraceptive.
If a women swallow one castor seed after the menstrual cycle she will not conceive during that month.
It acts as emmenagogue and lactagogue.

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