Following are some specific aims, and scope of the ICCBS Alumni Club:
  • To remain in contact with the outstanding graduates of the ICCBS.
  • To effectively utilize ICCBS Alumni capacity to improve the quality of training of our new students.
  • To engage ICCBS Alumni Club in the planning for the further development of the ICCBS institution.
  • To invite members of Alumni Club to the ICCBS for teaching courses and delivering scientific lectures.
  • The ICCBS Alumni Club will receive regular newsletters of the ICCBS so that they remain briefed about the events, scientific achievements, and development of the ICCBS.
  • The members of ICCBS Alumni Club and their nominees will receive 50% discount on the registration in the courses/conferences/workshops conducted by the ICCBS institutions.
  • The members of ICCBS Alumni Club will receive on-campus accommodation during the visits.