Short course on Disaster Management - 16/11/20

Disaster Management in mass fatality cases Collaboration with ICRC(Training of trainers)

Webinar on Plants and Their Metabolites - 20/10/20

Leading Molecules for Pharmaceutical Industry

International Webinar on Light and Polymers - 10/09/20

COMSTECH has arranged webinar to discuss light based science and technologies and its impact on electronics, medicine, and in general natural sciences including chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, and earth sciences.

Webinar Pakistan Academy Of Sciences (Sindh Chapter) - 05/09/20

Organized by Pakistan Academy (PAS) of Sciences (Sindh Chapter) and LEJ National Science Information Center, ICCBS, University of Karachi

International Webinar on Science Advice to Governments - 23/09/20

COMSTECH has arranged webinar to discuss significance of providing science based advice to the governments. Speaker will also touch upon examples of COVID-19 response adopted by the governments in light of scientific advice.

Online Webinar - 21/07/20

Network Evolution

23rd meeting of COMSATS Coordinating Council - 02/03/20

Conference on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development

Qalam Barai Science - 13/02/20

Mushaira in Memory of Prof. Saleemuzzaman Siddiqui

Global Women Breakfast 2020 - 12/02/20

At Golden Jubilee Hall, ICCBS

ISNPC-15 - 22/03/21

15th International Symposium on Natural Product Chemistry

Workshop on Basic Cell Culture Techniques - 10/12/19

Lecture Series on Basic Virology & Workshop - 01/11/19

52nd Public Awareness Seminar - 28/08/19

Title: Saving Water & Environmental Stability

International Workshop - 08/11/19

New Anti-leishmanial Leads from Natural Sources: Concepts and Approaches

7th International Symposium - 04/11/19

7th International Symposium-cum-Training Course on Molecular Medicine and Drug Research