Online Workshop “Deceptions in Psychology"

Dr. Ansar Haroun (Forensic Psychiatrist, USA)

Dr. Ansar Haroun is an esteemed forensic psychiatrist currently based in California, USA. Pakistani-born Dr. Ansar Haroun was raised in Europe where he completed his early education. He later visited the USA as a Roosevelt Scholar, returning to complete his training in psychiatry and epidemiology from Yale University and in pediatrie psychiatry from Columbia University.

During his time in the US, Dr. Ansar served as the Chief Forensic Psychiatrist for the San Diego Superior Court, California.

He is also a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics. He has taught both medicine and law at university-level.

Dr. Ansar is responsible for starting and directing the world's first and only med school elective in ethics known as "Law, Logic and Ethics in Medicine".
During his time in the courthouse, he developed the Clinical Assessment of Wickednes or (CLAW) and in his military career with the US Army, he developed the Psych Evaluation of Suspected Terrorists test or (PEST).

He has published in areas of wickedness, informed consent, the difference between Conduct Disorder and disordered conduct, the Rationality problem in Psychiatry, how to separate religious belief from religious delusion, Decision-Making, and Deception.
Dates:             September 19 – October 10, 2020
Days:              Every Saturday
Time:              06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

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